collaborator & consultant


Strategy, communications and project management for impact-driven brands and people.


Hi. I’m Heidi, an independent consultant passionate about bringing ideas to life and making sure the right people find out about them. This translates to doing a mix of startup strategy consulting, project management, right handing, branding, copywriting, general communications strategy, newsletters, social media, and community development. My approach is influenced by Lean Startup, the Disruptive Design Method, Design Thinking, and Systems Thinking – I believe in experimentation and creative optimism.

I focus on working with founders of projects and companies related to sustainability, wellness, and change-making. While I occasionally take on short-term projects, I prefer long-term relationships and usually work with clients for one to three years. Over the last seven years, I’ve helped to launch and grow Colab Cold Brew, Nutmeg Aspirin, Disrupt Design, The UnSchool of Disruptive Design, Do Tank, Be Social Change, Se Vende Poesía, and miLES.

I’ve worked with founders and small teams in the US, China, Hungary, Portugal, Russia, England, and Mexico, and currently split my time between Mexico City and New York. I love making things happen, solving problems, telling stories and engaging communities.