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I combine lean startup principles (i.e.: experiment and validate that you’re indeed solving a real and actionable problem for people that exist and will buy-in to your solution) with a ‘look for the win-win-win’ philosophy to help founders find models that are effective, viable and profitable. I believe in scaling through strategic partnerships and actively think about the environmental and social implications initiatives may have. I'm both an out-of-the-box brainstormer and a but-can-we-prove-it style skeptic, aiming to think up inspired ideas but careful about validation before take action. Working with a diverse set of founders has given me a unique set of lessons learned which ________.

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From branding exercises to find or refine your voice, to copywriting, copy editing, content creation, blog management, newsletters, internal communications, one pagers, shareable tweets, press releases and direct press out reach, I help individuals and teams get their messages out there. I enjoy writing and communicating from a brand’s point of view and am just as comfortable in the voice of a neighborhood-friendly civic organization as I am with the voice of a spunky, funky and rebellious team of “disruptors”. Yes, I am also fluent in formal corporate communications when it comes time for important but dry contracts, official documents, etc. (For the record, *this* is my voice and I'm fluent in Spanish if you happen to have Latin American stakeholders.)

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A natural and enthusiastic connector, I get a rush from building, engaging, activating and growing communities. When I created my Meetup profile in 2013 I wrote, "Few things make me happier than connecting passionate, talented individuals to other people, projects and ideas that will amplify impact, lead to an electric conversation, or result in kickass collaborations."
This is still true. 

Sometimes my work on the community front entails identifying and facilitating creative partnerships between synergistic organizations, other times it's planning engaging events, and from time to time it’s all online —strategy and management for social media, campaigns and online communities.

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PS: I'm also available for micro-consulting and workshop facilitation.